VMware ESXi 5 – How to add a new storage datastore

This article will go through the process of adding a new storage datastore to a VMWare ESXi 5 host using VMware vSphere.

Please note: In this example the VMWare ESXi 5 operating system is being ran in a virtual environment using VMware Workstation.

  1. Install the storage device as per manufacture instructions
  2. Open the VMware vSphere Client
  3. Enter in the IP address (or host name) for the ESXi host, the User name and Password then click ‘Login’
  4. If you receive a certificate error message, click ‘Ignore’
  5. Select the ‘Configuration’ tab
  6. Under ‘Hardware’ select ‘Storage’
  7. Under ‘Datastores’ select ‘Add Storage’
  8. The ‘Add storage’ wizard will load. Select your required storage type then click ‘Next’
  9. Any unallocated storage devices will appear in the list. Select the required storage device then click ‘Next’
  10. Select the file system version (if you do not have any ESX hosts older than 5.0 select VMFS-5) then click ‘Next’
  11. Configure the disk layout as desired then Click ‘Next’
  12. Enter a name to identify the datastore then click ‘Next’
  13. Specify the storage capacity then click Click ‘Next’
  14. Click ‘Finish’ to complete the process
  15. The new storage datastore will be available to use with new or existing virtual machines.