How to launch paint from Run window

Microsoft Paint is a built in application in Windows operating system to edit any kind of image. We can also take snapshots of the screen displayed on the desktop using this application. This application can be launched from Start menu by selecting ‘All Programs’and then ‘Accessories’ and then ‘Paint‘.

Snapshot of Microsoft Paint application is shown above. Even this snapshot is taken using Paint application itself.

We can launch Paint application directly from Run window also. Run command for opening Paint is Mspaint.

The command mspaint can also be used from command prompt to launch paint application.
This command works on windows XP, Vista, and windows7 operating systems.

c:\> mspaint

To open a specific file using mspaint we can specify the file path a parameter to the mspaint command. For example, to edit the file located at C:\Data\Pictures\Image1.jpg, you can run the below command from command line or Run window.

mspaint C:\Data\Pictures\Image1.jpg

If you are running the command from windows command line, you can specify either absolute or relative path of the file. To open it from Run window you need to mention the absolute path of the image file.